Homestead Exemption

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Homestead exemption is a tax break given to homeowners on their primary residence. A certain amount or percentage (depending on the state/county) of the home’s assessed value is exempt from property taxes. This can end up saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in property taxes each year!

The homestead exemption only applies to primary residences, which means you can’t claim it for a rental property or vacation home. Homeowners who meet certain conditions, such as being more than 65-years-old, a veteran or disabled, may claim additional exemptions. Contact your county’s homestead tax department for additional details.

In some states, homestead exemption is automatic, but here in Georgia you must apply for it. However, you only have to do this once and the exemption will remain with the property throughout the duration of your ownership as a primary residence. 

Here is what you will need to apply:

  • Homeowner Name
  • Property Address
  • Parcel ID/PIN # (This can be found on your settlement statement. If you need help locating this, please contact me directly)

Deadline for application is April 1st. See you county below

Fulton – (404) 730-6440 – Apply by mail or online, Will automatically file with the City of Atlanta if applicable.

Dekalb (click the dropdown arrow next to “Property Tax” in menu to left, and then select “Apply for Homestead”)- (404) 298-4000 – Apply by mail or online , Will automatically file with the City of Atlanta if applicable. If you live in the City of Decatur, you will need to file with the City of Decatur separately.

Cobb – (770) 528-8600 – Deadline is April 1st – Apply in person or by mail. No Online Application. Mail application and required documentation to address below.  


Gwinett – (770-822-8800) – Apply online

Forsyth – (770-781-2106) – Deadline is April 1st – Apply in person or by mail

It’s a great time of year to knock this out!  Should only take a few minutes